The Pros And Cons Of Capital Punishment

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What in the world would be the punishment for the most brutal killers beside the death penalty? Historically, people have been murdering people mostly because of either how popular they are or how wealthy they are. Such as In In Cold Blood, the author stated that the two killers killed the entire family in one night intentionally just because of hatred or thievery. The judges of the court must give Dick and Perry Smith the death penalty because the most brutal killers should be eliminated in order to assure that one day these killers cannot come out of prison and commit another crime.
The two killers came in prepared and ready to go against anything that will happen. The author stated “They went armed with a shotgun and a dagger. They went to rob and kill.”(Capote, 193), they came in prepared and ready to murder the people in the house after they get what they wanted. Furthermore, “... twenty blown-up glossy-print pictures of Mr. Clutter's shattered skull, his son's demolished face, Nancy's bound hands, her mother's death-dulled, staring eyes, and so on.”(Capote, 51) nobody want to ask the judges to not giving them the capital punishment. Next, “"Right then. Started with Mrs. Clutter. I made Dick help me - because I didn't want to leave him alone with the girl. I cut the tape in long strips, and Dick wrapped them around Mrs. Clutter's head like you'd wrap a mummy. He asked her, 'How come you keep on crying? Nobody's hurting you,' and he turned off the bedside lamp and said,

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