The Pros And Cons Of Capitalization

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We live in the era of Globalization, which refers to the international integration of goods, services, people, and money with the purpose of making an area more profitable or productive, or useful. This term sounds good for everybody. If we exchange all these components, the living of the global citizens raises, but this is not all true. In fact, this exchange originates more macrolevel issues globally, and with these problems, also microlevel issues. I’m not saying it has not been an effective way all these past years to benefit the population with a more worldwide opportunity to success, but has it been addressed correctly? Let’s take a look to some of the problems that overrun our world.
Many nations go blind with the idea of “producing” more profitable people for their countries’ economic growth to the point that they strength up iceberg-issues in society, problems that only their top are known but their bottom are unacknowledged. When we explore these issues deeper we find that there is an inequality in human rights. One of the main rights that is not given in a same quality to everybody is education. For instance, students from wealthy families get the chance to go to good schools and universities, while students living in poverty have minimum chances to go to good schools or they don’t even get the opportunity to attend college, as it has been proven to us in the podcast “Carlos doesn’t remember”, when Carlos is given the opportunity to attend a
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