The Pros And Cons Of Cell Phones

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the Virus within Class and Ways to Turn It into a Cure Once cell phones were invented, they took the world by storm. Cell phones are the everlasting technology. Since they got introduced to the people they changed a lot in the ways of communication between people. Cell phones made life much easier and communication more efficient. Cell phones had two main features when features when they were invented, that is calling and texting, but that didn’t stop humans from developing cell phones. Nowadays individuals have their hands on the most developed versions of cellphones known as smartphones. At the time when smartphones were invented, they offered the people all the features computers offered on a portable device. Cell phones have a major role in human's lives nowadays. In each field they have advantages and disadvantages, education worldwide was largely impacted by the student’s excessive usage of cellphones at school and particularly in classes. Education has been affected by the presence of cell phones in classrooms especially the smart ones. Technology usage in studies surely provides help to improve students skills, but the school administration and teachers find themselves in a challenge to keep students on the right track. Students get distracted by anything, whether they gossip about something or making plans for the weekend. Nowadays students get distracted by their smartphones for various reasons one of them is constantly checking their social media feed such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat stories according to this study. This study shows that social media is a big motive for Students to stay hooked to their phones even in classrooms “Significantly more students used their cellphones to check social networking sites. Overall, 68.8% of students indicated that they did use cellphones to check social networking sites, while 31.2% indicated that they did not.” (college students) Some students are little celebrities on social media, they are always active by posting their pictures, activities and updating their profiles. Who would want to feel like an ordinary person when social media makes people feel like celebrities? Some students have a big fan base of followers depending on their

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