The Pros And Cons Of Cheerleading

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The argument about cheerleading has gone on for years. Cheerleaders have a constant battle of proving they are athletes. Most athletes take their sport very seriously. To tell an athlete they are not an athlete, or their sport is not a sport, is very disrespectful. Categorizing activities by sports and non-sports has been a blurred line for cheer. When considering factors, cheerleading has those requirements. Cheerleading has fitness, contact, competition, and careers. Cheerleading is a sport.
One category that makes cheerleading a sport is the physical requirements. In order to make the team, cheerleaders have to go through a tryout process. Physical fitness is required because of what routines include. Tumbling, jumping, cheering, stunting, and dancing are all a part of daily cheer routine. In order to keep up, physical fitness is needed. In the 1880's men were only allowed to cheer ("Cheerleaders: Then and Now"). Cheerleading was created by a man ("Being a Cheerleader-History of Cheerleading"). When it was just men, cheerleading was considered a sport. Now, cheer is predominantly female with less male involvement. The physical strength required of men to participate in this sport is the same if not more. That same strength and endurance is seen in female cheerleader, which allows this to continue to be a sport.
Cheerleading is also a sport because of the contact. It is a contact sport. In Wisconsin, cheerleading was legally defined as a contact sport (Anderson). The
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