The Pros And Cons Of Child Soldiers

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If you had a choice, kill or be killed. What would you choose? If you had a choice to starve or to be fed, what would you choose? These scenarios are not common in our everyday life, but to child soldiers this is what they are suffering through everyday. Although many children had the choice to become a child soldiers, most of them were forced to become child soldiers. By their families, and their commanders. Child soldiers were brainwashed to torture, and kill. They did not know any other way to live. They thought what they were doing was the right thing. Many child soldiers were abducted from their own homes, after commanders forced terror on their families and village. Child soldiers needed to stay alive with resources such as food, clothing, and water. The only way that they could receive this, was by agreeing to become a child soldier. It is…show more content…
Ishmael Beah was only twelve-years old when he witnessed violence. When he was forced to be violent, forced to pull the trigger, forced to listen to the harsh cold toned commanders. Ishmael Beah was only thirteen years old when he was separated from his family, and they were later killed in the country’s civil war. He was wandering the countryside with a group of children, when they found a rural camp, they believed to be an army base. It was too late before they realised that these were a large body of Sierra Leonean Soldiers. “Somebody being shot in front of you, or you yourself shooting somebody became just like drinking a glass of water. Children who refused to fight, kill or showed any weakness were ruthlessly dealt with”, Beah stated. Ishmael Beah also remembered when “ . . . a nine-year-old boy cried because they missed their mother and they were shot”. Child soldiers come looking for safety in these camps, and are forced to kill. The commanders destroyed what Beah new, family, life,
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