The Pros And Cons Of Chromebooks

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Chromebooks are a new technology that have been implemented into Green High Schools education system. Are they better for the students or the teachers? Do they truly help the education system? Have they made it easier for students to cheat? Have they created lazy teachers? Should teachers be able to change due dates change overnight? There are simply so many questions about the Chromebooks. Faculty seem to love them and on the other hand many students seem to hate them. As a student I have grown to hate these miniature trash bins for many reasons. When the wifi goes out absolutely nothing can be done. The pieces of technology are prone to break quite easily. Furthermore it has created a crutch for many faculty at Green High School. Chromebooks truly have created a hassle for our young adults at GHS. Technology is fantastic when it works but frustrating when it fails. These human made Chromebooks are quite unreliable, especially for the use of education and instruction. Many students have the issue of their Chromebooks breaking, not charging, not holding a charge, and overall just not turning on at all. How is a teacher…show more content…
The ChromeBooks allow for students to type up homework any place that has wifi. The key is that in order for a student to be able to complete their homework they must have a source of wifi. Green High School has a very diverse crowd of young adults when it comes to financial stability. There are a handful of students out there who do not have the financial needs to pay for wifi. When a student comes to school without a charged chromebook they will be written up. I do not believe this is a fair concept considering some students have a Chromebook, a charger, and a plug outlet; the only issue is that sometimes they don’t have power fed to the outlet. This is just one if the several issues having to deal with the
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