The Pros And Cons Of Cinderella In Disney

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Disney reigns supreme, and part of that supreme reign is an unquestionable privileging of patriarchy, and in particular: whiteness. Beginning with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1937, all of Disney’s princesses have been predominantly white. As Walt Disney Company sets its position as a media powerhouse, it places itself the center of controversy with its recent movie The Princess and the Frog. The film is steeped in racial controversy since Disney first announced their plans for the first black princess.
Disney came out with a black princess, and a controversy by critics came out along with it, and they are not pleasant. Considering Disney has such a presence in the American mainstream culture, that standard they create will stay. The real question is whether she vanquishes stereotypes of promotes them.
Without fail, everyone describes Cinderella as Disney’s 1950 animated blonde Cinderella. Participants rarely visualize the African-American pop singer and actor Brandy Norwood, who played the lead in the 1997 televised version with its multicultural and interracial star-studded cast. To date, participants always see Cinderella as white. Disney set the standard. Disney scholar Kathy
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However, since there is no royal family of the United States, a foreign royal would have to be involved in the story. The arguments around Prince Naveen should not have been another issue against the film. With this in mind, many believed that Walt Disney himself was without a doubt a racist individual as he continued to create more movies with racial remarks. The Princess and the Frog seemed to be another movie to support this claim.
AK (2013) claims in a researched article why he believes Walt Disney is

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