The Pros And Cons Of Civil Rights

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Every man is born with a set of fundamental rights. These freedoms, known as civil liberties, are outlined in the bill of rights in order to inhibit the government from taking these rights away from the American people without justified means. On the other hand, civil rights are when an individual or group’s rights and equality are at risk and the government does everything in its power to protect their rights. The two related topics greatly affect the people of the United States. However, civil rights have a much larger impact on my life today as the government’s actions can influence a person’s daily life if their rights are abused or mistreated. Every man and woman is born with the same liberties, which are guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. This document entails the instances when the government can take away your fundamental rights according to the law. The Supreme Court case Schenck v. United States exemplifies civil liberties as it further defines the freedom of speech. In 1919, Charles Schenk handed out pamphlets to the public expressing negative feelings towards the military draft and even encouraged people to take action to disobey the process. He was then charged under the espionage act. The court decided that Schenck went outside of the legal limits on the freedom of speech. They used the term ‘clear and present danger’ to express that the freedom of speech is no longer relevant when it promotes dangerous behavior or endangers the nation’s interests. Although this case dates back to the early twentieth century, this decision still remains relevant today. In particular, social media presents more of a danger in the world as people have greater access to speak their minds freely. When harmful material is put on the internet that causes devastating results such as teen suicide, this limit on freedom of speech is still relevant as the term ‘clear and present danger’ can be applied. The decision reached in this case has had a large impact on the nation and especially on the younger generations, including myself, as social media is becoming a greater problem in regard to freedom of speech. 1 Although civil liberties play an important role in American society, civil rights have a greater impact. The
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