The Pros And Cons Of Climate Engineering

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Climate Engineering
What if humans could find a way to combat climate change? This is where climate engineering would come into play. Climate engineering, also known as weather modification or geoengineering, is “the intentional alteration of Earth’s climate aiming to counter climate change” (Wikipedia par. 1). Some of the proposals for climate engineering include shooting dust into the stratosphere, putting iron dust in the oceans, and even placing mirrors in space to reflect sunlight. One example of weather modification was implemented during the Second World War, where airports in the United Kingdom would use flamethrowers installed on runways to get rid of acid fog. This solution was successful, however each airport used approximately 0.5 million liters of fuel per hour. In the end, the disadvantages of climate engineering outweigh the benefits by not solving all of the Earth’s climate problems, cooling only certain areas of the planet, and drastically changing the weather patterns on Earth.
One of the reasons the cons of climate engineering outweigh the pros is that it does not solve all the planet’s problems. An example of this is ocean acidification, which is the decrease in the pH levels in our oceans “due to carbon dioxide being absorbed into the sea water” (NOAA par. 1). This can have harmful effects on marine life because an increased acidity of ocean water can impact an organism’s structure and immune system as well as cause coral bleaching, like what is
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