The Pros And Cons Of Comcast

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In response to the market trend, the company has introduced some new products. Comcast launched a constant guard, a security program designed to help protect its high-speed internet users from online threats. Comcast also launched a beta version of Fancast Xfinity TV, its online television service. The Xfinity service gives subscriber access to hours of content not previously available online. Comcast also took the opportunity of the market trend and added to its mobile content. It released Comcast Mobile app 2.0, which includes a remote DVR programming service. Also, the company launched COMCAST4U, a mobile SMS text service, which gives customers access to frequently accessed account functions. All of these new additions will allow Comcast…show more content…
in an attempt to acquire Time Warner, which was largely associated to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations and policies.
If the company is subject to stringent regulation by federal, state and local governments, which regularly regulate the video services, internet service and VoIP digital phone service industries. Then, Comcast's businesses, including Cable and NBCUniversal's businesses are required to comply to the regulation by federal, state, local and foreign authorities under applicable laws and regulations, and under agreements it enters into with franchising authorities.
The Communications Act of 1934, as amended (the "Communications Act"), and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations and policies also significantly impact Comcast’s decision on the company's businesses, including cable system and broadcast station ownership, video services customer rates, carriage of broadcast television stations, broadcast programming content and advertising, package of programming to customers and other providers, access to cable system channels by franchising authorities and other parties, the use of utility poles and conduits, and the offering of high-speed internet and phone services (Marketline, 2013). Failure of Comcast's businesses to comply with the laws and regulations may result in administrative enforcement actions, fines and civil and criminal liability. In as much that laws, policies and regulations are much stricter in the U.S. this would present significant risks to the company's businesses which may affect its operating
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