The Pros And Cons Of Communication Technology

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Communication technology is an ever growing market. Over the last ten years alone there has been an explosion of applications used to connect people with family and friends both in the same town and across the world. It has become next to impossible for the average individual in America to go one day without communicating via text, email, or through one of the many social media sites. The pervasive nature of communication technology and the level it has infiltrated people 's lives is causing some to question its innocence, while others continue to bask in its glory. I am of both minds. I can no longer picture life without my phone and social media and do appreciate much of what it has to offer. However, I miss having friendships…show more content…
Turkle makes her case by giving others a platform to voice how they feel technology has impacted their lives. Throughout Turkle references there are these commonalities: There is pressure to communicate through text and email exclusively because either the expectation of a phone call is too high, or, it is believed that the other person would be annoyed by the phone call, they enjoy the control over content and response time they feel texts and emails gives, and they see relationships that have been affected negatively by communication technology but have no interest in changing themselves. Though Wortham and Turkle have two different viewpoints, their illustrations share some commonalities. Within Turkle 's essay several of the people she referenced, especially the teenagers, want the communication that technology provides. Though some might wish it impacted their lives on a smaller scale they do not plan to change. Versely, within Worthams essay she discusses a new communication format designed specifically for couples she had been testing with her boyfriend (393). However, when she explained it to others she mentioned that they “asked me whether people really needed yet another application to talk to people they are closest to.” (Wortham 395). A reaction that implied that though they appreciate communication applications there is the idea that we already have enough. I think both sides are relatable.
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