The Pros And Cons Of Community College

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When deciding a life path post high school graduation, there are many options for students to consider. Of the many options include entering the trades, attending community college, and going to a 4-year university. Many argue that a four-year college education is the best option for high school graduates; however, those who do not have the financial means and have to take out excessive loans are better off going to community college or entering the trades because of the equal knowledge they can gain for a lesser price.
As college is becoming a typical life path, those who do not attend are being looked down upon. A common misconception within society is that those who attend college, specifically a four-year university, are guaranteed a higher paying job and more success than those who do not. When arguing his claim that college is not the only option, Adam Ozimek states, “they found that in 2009, nearly 20% of college graduates from age 23-35 earned less than the average male high school graduate” (Ozimek). These statistics validate the minority view that one can be just as, if not more, successful in a career if they do not attend college. If one is to make more money, all while saving tens of thousands of dollars, the net return of going to a 4-year university would not be worth the time and money. The idea of entering a trade at a high paying entry-level position and working one’s way up to an even higher paying, top position can lead to life success in many high

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