The Pros And Cons Of Competitive Advantage

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Once the company achieves the competitive advantage, the company should sustain it by development and improvement because the most of any the competitive advantage can be imitate. The company when the gain competitive advantage that can become the global in the market and successful. Any the countries are make policies and politics to the create and sustaining the competitive advantage. Also, each the country have different policies and politics of the trade. The Oman country has strong trade in the global of the market. The Oman country makes many the policies to protect and sustaining the competitive advantage in the market such as, rules of the suppliers, antitrust and competition policy, export control and rules of the foreign direct investment.…show more content…
For example, make the price of the raw materials are the same. In addition, the company should deal with multiple suppliers in different country. This rule helps to create the demand for the local company. The second one is antitrust and competition policy. The aims of the antitrust policy are to reduce the monopoly and to increase of the competition level. For example, if the company faces the high monopoly that cannot to competition in the market. Oman country allow to the competition with other company, but in the limit. For example, in the beginning of open the Carrefour the price of the product is less rather than other company in the market, so the Carrefour gain high profit and attracts most of the customer, but other company become failure. The government makes the rules for the price of the product. All the company makes price similar and some of the product is the same price. This way the country cans destruction the monopoly in the market and sustaining the competitive advantage for the local company. The third one is export the controls. The Oman country is trying to limit or reduce the export of the product abroad because of the economy and
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