The Pros And Cons Of Computer Science

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What is Computer Science? Is it about observing scientific experiments on a computer? Is it a type of engineering for computers? Well to answers those thoughts, no. Computer Science is all about the software side of computers. Coding is the key word. Running and creating programs is what computer science is. To create software, one must know a programming language. So then the big question is, for a computer programmer what coding language should they learn?
First off, the language C is known by many programmers as a lingua franca. A middle ground language for coders. If coders know C, they know C++ and possibly C#. C#’s syntax is similar with C/C++ but distinct differences separate them. Microsoft created C# as a competitor to Java, so think of this as a fork in the road for C. As stated in Wendy Logan’s (2008) article, “Is C dead?”, she made the point that C is the language for test engineers because of how convenient and effective it is. She also disclosed that C can optimize code beneficially to the coder because of the language’s greater access to the hardware and operating system. This ability leads to fine tuning of the program size and execution speed of the compiler. The article mentions how C has a well-known community, so coders have greater access to code reuse tools. C has a specific purpose in the industry because of Microsoft Visual Studio, it gave coders of the language a place to develop for.
Reading further in Wendy’s article, she wrote about the

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