The Pros And Cons Of Concentration Camps

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Were the Nazis the only ones to have concentration camps? Were Jews the only ones forced into these concentration camps? Who were the people that ran these camps? The reason all this started was because after World War I Germany was blamed for all the damage, therefore they were forced to pay to fix all these damages. Hitler was outraged and so he decided to stand up and make a change, quite a horrific change. Concentration camps were cruel places from how many of these people died, the places they were kept, to the horrible people who ran the camps.
Many prisoners in concentration camps were Jews and most were run by Nazis. However the Nazis were not the only ones to put people into concentration camps and they didn’t put only Jews in the camps. The Nazis nor the Americans were the first to send citizens to camps, in fact, the Soviet Union had been sending people who spoke against communism to concentration camps called Gulags since 1928. The Nazis put many people into concentration camps, not just Jews, they also put socialists, Slavs, Romas, Poles, communists, homosexuals, and soviet prisoners of war in these camps. In America another type of concentration camps began forming, these camps were called internment camps. The most common deaths at concentration camps were gas houses but that was not the only way, prisoners also often died from exposure to harsh weather because these camps were often located in very cold places and prisoners were only given clothes, nothing
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