The Pros And Cons Of Corruption

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process of corruption is ever threatening. And when virtue has been corrupted, a heroic leader must appear who in rebuilding the political order infuses this virtue into the entire citizenry." Montesquieu saw corruption as the dysfunctional process by which a good political order is perverted into evil one and a monarchy into despotism. According to Rosseau political corruption is a necessary consequence of the struggle for power. Then he argued "that man had been corrupted by social and political life. It is not the corruption of man which destroyed the political system but the political system which corrupts and destroys man."

Corruption is a kind of behavior which deviates from the norm actually prevalent or behaved to prevail in a given context, such as the political. It is deviant behavior associated with a particular motivation, namely that of private gain at public expense. There have been a number of different attempts at defining corruption. However no precise definition can be found which applies to all forms, types and degrees of corruption, or which would be acceptable universally. According to Oxford English Dictionary (OED) the term corruption in political context is defined as “Perversion or favor, the use or existence of corrupt practices, especially in a state, public corruption. According to the vast knowledge of corruption, it can be gladly said that corruption can be defined as the use of public office for private advantage. This definition is both
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