The Pros And Cons Of Cyber Crimes

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Nobody had anticipated that one-day development of internet, a great opportunity of communication and data transfer could also become a curse for mankind in a number of ways and internet could be misused for criminal activities. Anonymity of users on internet makes it easy to engage into a variety of criminal activities with impunity. People with intelligence have been grossly misusing this aspect of internet to perpetuate illegal acts in cyberspace. The fields of cyber crimes are just emerging and new forms of criminal activities in cyberspace are coming to the forefront with the passing of each new day.
5.1 Emerging Trends of Cyber Crimes
The advent of the computer has been a boon to students, lawyers, businessmen, doctors, teachers and criminals. Unauthorized access and damage to property,
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Since quickly making thousands of perfect copies is possible for anyone with a PC, the only remaining barrier to widespread copying is access to material worth copying. Advanced communications networks like the Internet provide virtual access to material that really is worth copying. Unfortunately, the wide variety of information that can be transferred, the open, unregulated nature of the Internet, and the irrelevance of geography means that the Internet also provides fertile ground for criminal enterprise. Since the Internet is composed of computers, crimes occurring on the internet are cyber crimes. A computer can be the subject of a crime by being stolen or damaged; it can be the site of a crime (such as fraud or copyright infringement); or it can be the instrument of a crime, such as when it is used to access other machines or store information illegally. These are all cyber crimes in the sense that a computer is

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