The Pros And Cons Of Cyber Terrorism

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Cyber operations entail getting behind the most serious aspects of cyber terrorism and leading to the capture of those perpetrating cyber crimes.

Our society's dependence on the Internet for public and private institutions in the critical sectors of government, defense, emergency services, public health, even the basics of food and water, put us at great risk of cyber terrorism. Telecommunications, transportation, banking, and the like are all conducted via the Internet and this dependence creates a frightening scenario.

Cyberspace is composed of hundreds of computers, servers, routers, switches and fiber-optic cables that allow the system to work. Any act of cyber terrorism against any of these institutions is a violation to our national security.
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Hackers have proven that it is not all that difficult to get into a computer network and manipulate it at will. Although hackers are not in themselves cyber terrorists, they have proven how simple this type of mayhem would be to create. Those who would like to inflict cyber terrorism can follow this example and gain access to critical data from governments, as well as private computer networks. This type of cyber terrorism could disable financial and military organizations. Our society's dependence on the Internet, and our focus on having everything accessible via the Web, has created vulnerabilities in our defense systems. Where once it would have been difficult for a terrorist to tamper with a water treatment facility, it is quite feasible that a cyber terrorist could manipulate such a facility with disastrous results. It would be safe to say that the real risk of cyber terrorism is well founded. However, there is still some exaggeration in the media that is not rational when it comes to the threat of cyber
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