The Pros And Cons Of Cyberbullying

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How to end Cyberbullying and Bullying

In this paper, I will not only explain why cyberbullying needs to end, but how it affects everyone in our community. Cyberbullying doesn’t just effect those in high school. Sadly, it impacts those just starting middle school. Bullies think they are smart and can hide behind a computer, or phone screen. They say things online they would never say to someone’s face. I personally think that if you can’t say it face to face, but you can say it anonymously online, then you shouldn’t say it. I believe at some point in everyone’s life they are bullied for something, whether it was just for being unique, learning differently, or their height.

I believe cyberbullying is worse than traditional bullying. Not only can the bully hide anonymously online, but most of the time they never have to be face to face with the person they are tormenting. I think the worst part of cyberbullying is that the victim doesn’t know who is bullying them most of the time. There are many ways to end cyberbullying. Parents can monitor what their children are posting on social media. They can also see who they are texting and the messages they send. Parents can have a way to contact their child’s teachers in case they notice anything out of the ordinary. “In a recent legal decision igniting fierce debate, a Massachusetts judge ruled that a teenage girl who texted her boyfriend to follow through on his intent to kill himself was guilty of involuntary
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