The Pros And Cons Of Data Mining In Science Computer

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From my understanding, data mining is a series of operation to dig up a value-added process from a bunch of data in the form of knowledge that is not known for manually. Knowledge discovery in database is a term that we called for data mining in science computer. Data mining also about to find a new information in a lot of data. Not only that, data mining is searching for patterns or relationships in one or more databases and it way to generate new information. Besides that, for secondary use, the information collected for one purposed used for another purpose and the information about customers is a valuable commodity. But, does we know how the data mining is work? Data mining works or performs these feats using a technique that called modeling. Modeling is simply the act of building model in one application where there is an answer and then we apply it to another situation that you don’t. This act of model building has been doing by people for a long time, certainly it before the advent…show more content…
The pros for this process are in marketing or retail. This process helps marketing company by builds a model based on historical data to predict who will respond to the new marketing campaign. Not only marketing, retail companies also get a benefit same as marketing companies get. Besides that, this data mining also bring a benefit for finance or banking by gives financial institutions information about loan information and credit reporting. By build a model from historical customer’s data, the banking or finance institution can determine good and bad loans. In addition, this process can help banks detect the fraudulent credit card transaction and protect credits card’s owner. Manufacturing and governments also gets a lot of benefits by using this process. Data mining helps government agency by digging and analyze records of financial transaction to build pattern that can detect money laundering or criminal
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