The Pros And Cons Of Deforestation

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Deforestation has been a long topic of discussion for many years. According to the article “6 Reason Deforestation (still) Matters” by Jason Schwartz of Greenpeace, we lose the size of the panama in forest land each year. At this rate there will be no more forests by 2100. Earth’s forests are home to numerous amounts of plants and wildlife, although regulated on paper timber continues to be cut down illegally and we lose substantial amount of forests every year. There is two sides to this argument, the save the planet side of the argument and the save our economy side. Both arguments are compelling and have great reasons behind them. Also timber is in an increasing demand and is a big part of the economy, losing all the timber the forests offer would cause the price of wood to increase, increasing the cost of houses and spirals into many other things. At the end of the day though we must look forward and think about the future generations and ensure that they have the forests to enjoy, study, and take care of. One of the problems the people who are trying to regulate the timber industry is companies illegally cutting down forests. Most of the countries where the logging is done are hard to monitor and ensure that the rules are being followed. So forests that were previously protected are now being chopped down because of lack of authority. Between fifteen and thirty percent of global timber is harvested illegally, and in the hard to monitor countries ninety percent of the
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