The Pros And Cons Of Deforestation

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Julie MartinMrs. Mary
I – English 13018 December
2017Research Argument Rough Draft:
Forests no MoreDeforestation is human induced forest loss when a wide area of foliage is removed and not replaced with a new set. This would cause problems would it not? Yes, because plants produce oxygen which animals then use in respiration to live. But the big question is, is deforestation worth the risk of demolishing massive quantities of photosynthetic organisms so we can replace it with either less efficient plants, animals, or housing? No, no, it's not worth the risk to the environment because of loss in biodiversity, increase climate change, and habitat loss.Tropical forests hold the highest levels of biodiversity in the world by both richness and concentration of endemic species. Though, tropical forests are not the only forests being ravaged. It has been reported that in 1997 at least 12 million hectares of forest were cleared, worldwide, every week. As well, 24 billion tons of topsoil were lost due to erosion every year because of strong root plants, like trees, being uprooted or slashed-and-burned. Species in both the ocean and tropical forests are being driven to extinction 25,000 times the natural rate.
Loss of forest disturbs ecosystems stability and can cause an ecological disaster. Deforestation is also happening faster than an ecosystem can regenerate and several species of flora and fauna have been reclassified as being endangered. For human inhabitants of

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