The Pros And Cons Of Democracy In America

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People created many kinds of systems of government to control themselves. The American system of government is one of them which called “Representative Democracy”, which has a bit different with direct democracy. Citizens choose some people to represent them to choose president in representative democracy, and citizens decide policy initiatives by themselves in direct democracy. Some people want America to uses direct democracy system, but in fact direct democracy will bring many dangers for America, so it should not change their system to Direct Democracy. This essay will prove direct democracy would not work in American from why government is very necessary to America, which system of government is best for it, and several problems about…show more content…
At first, America was an anarchy country. That means in that period America had no government, and no rules for citizens. It is very dangerous for a country because some citizens are stronger than other people, therefore they can do anything they want. People from England killed and plundered Native Americans because there was no government or rule, and English had weapons and were stronger than Native Americans. People could not feel happy and safe, and could not have enough food because fights would not stop. They might die because of virus, others who wanted eat them, or killed by English. In 1620, Mayflower brought other English to America (McGill, 2009). This time English people signed up a contact which named Mayflower Contact to let English people be friendly to Native Americans; thus, they succeeded get on well with Native Americans. For example, they changed foods and goods with each other, because Mayflower Contact let them to be friendly to Native Americans but did not to kill them. So a government is very necessary to a…show more content…
A vote that named California’s Proposition 46 can explain that problem. In California’s Proposition 46 both sides made a lot of media to propagandize themselves and tried to use those to change voter’s mind (Ballotpedia, 2014). If voters just watched the media of con side, then they would vote to against the California’s Proposition 46. The money which pro side of California’s Proposition 46 spent $13,306,775 and con side spent $59,602,909. That means con side made more advertising to influence voters. So the result of the vote is about pro 33% and con 66%. So direct democracy is not really fair for citizens.
Not all of people will choose to vote, and not all of people have time to vote is the second problem. Direct democracy can make policy by vote, but the time to vote will not suitable for every person. For instance, people just can vote for what they support at 1:00 to 3:00 pm, but students are having class at that time. So they will lose the chance to vote. If those students cannot vote, the results will be
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