The Pros And Cons Of Demonetization

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Demonetization is the act of detaching a currency unit of its status as legal tender. Demonetization is necessary whenever there is a change of national currency. It also helps to wipe out the black money and black market activities. The rural areas in particular, which do not have formal sources of banking, also deal largely in cash. Demonetization also aims to boost the digital transactions in all area. While formal modes of payments such as debit and credit cards, net-banking and digital wallets should get a boost, this will take a long time to be felt simply because the proliferation of these products is still low among the middle classes and the poor, for whom cash is still the predominant mode of transactions. The government’s move is bold in its intent and massive in its measure. The…show more content…
and Muthu R. Iiakkuvan (2008) in their article “Retail transaction: Future bright for plastic money” projected the growth of debit and credit cards in thc retail transactions. They also mentioned the growth factors, which leads to its popularity, important constraints faced by banks and summarized with bright future and scope of plastic money. Alvares, Cliford (2009) in their reports “The problem regarding fake currency in India.” It is said that the country's battle against fake currency is not getting easier and many fakes go undetected. It is also stated that counterfeiters hitherto had restricted printing facilities which made it easier to discover fakes. Ashish Das, and Rakhi Agarwal, (2010) in their article “Cashless Payment System in India- A Roadmap” Cash as a mode of payment is an expensive proposition for the Government. The country needs to move away from cash-based towards a cashless (electronic) payment system. This will help reduce currency management cost, track transactions, check tax avoidance / fraud etc., enhance financial inclusion and integrate the parallel economy with main stream. 3. SCOPE OF THE

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