The Pros And Cons Of Detaining Terrorists

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Detaining Terrorists According to at issue from SIRS Data Base “as of February 2015, 122 detainees remain in Guantanamo Bay” these people were taken to that prison because they are suspected to be terrorists. We don’t want them in America do we? Sending your child to a store and possibly never seeing them again because some terrorist blew that store up. That sounds nice don’t it? Well locking them up in a detention center for life in Guantanamo Bay sounds better than having my kid blown up at a store. From SIRS Data Base the article “At Issue” states that “under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights all people have a right to a fair trial” while this may be true, my dear I have a right to life. The can be detained until their fair trial errs and they are proven innocent. These aren’t your everyday average people. These are terrorists. TERROR-ists. Above all they bring terror to their destruction. We should be able to detain suspected terrorists indefinitely and stop using drones. So then, let me tell you about these terrorists that commit horrible, unspeakable acts, and they don’t feel or…show more content…
“Don’t Try Terrorists” Professor of Law at Harvard University states that some terrorists can’t be prosecuted because of how they aggressively the prisoner to confess (Goldsmith). In conclusion we should detain terrorists and for the love of our country stop sending drones to do our dirty work. Detainees that get released almost always return to the fight. The “fight” is the war on terrorism the reason for this entire paper. Terrorists are making their way into our country and will soon be hurting us. If our protectors can’t legally detain them before they become known terrorists then it may be too late. I have a right to life, they have a right to a fair trial. Both of the accusations are true. Terrorists are sent here to do us harm. If we aren’t allowed to detain the people we think are terrorists our world could forever
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