The Pros And Cons Of Disney Movies As A Form Of Media

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Many kids grow up watching Disney movies, and some of the lessons learnt are some things we will forever remember. Even some things unconsciously learnt help us to become who we are, for better or worse. When we watch most Disney movies, for the most part, we see the gender and body stereotypes portrayed and sexualized on to the characters. We see the Sexualization of their bodies and how they are all seen doing stereotypical women’s duties. It is important to analyze this topic because so many young girls grow up and watch these movies expecting to look and act how these princesses do. This gives children certain unhealthy stigmatized expectations. Foucault would see the topic of stereotyping the gender and bodies of Disney princesses…show more content…
Movies would probably be the most rich and relevant to analyze due to the fact that there is more material and objects/people to analyze. My answers would differ based on which media source I chose by the means of the amount of content and information I would have to evaluate. The target audience for all five movies are young children, mostly young girls, around the ages of 4-12 of all different races and social classes. I know this is the target audience firstly, because these type of movies appear on kids channels and also the fact that it has been in childhood culture for so long it has been practically engrained in to our minds. The underlying messages and expectations in Cinderella about the desirable body are that being a fair girl with light hair and eyes as well as being skinny and needing to be saved. Even the characteristics of her face like the shape of the eyebrows and face are very soft. When Cinderella is seen as a maid she is shown with a dull colored, slouchy, very modest outfit, as well as her hair being a mess. Once she becomes a princess her dress is very form fitting and revealing. Her breasts have also appeared to grow and her appearance has improved to having bright pink cheeks and a constant smile on her face. The evil step-sisters and stepmother are portrayed in a completely different way, they are constantly with a snarky, disgusted look on their faces as well as having facial

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