The Pros And Cons Of Diversity

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The synonym of diversity management term is "managing for diversity" (Iverson, 2000). Bartz et al. (1990) defined DM as the process of focusing positively on differences among employees to benefit from them. Cox (1994) stated that DM refers to the process of managing people by planning and implementing organizational practices and systems to maximize the advantages of diversity and minimize its disadvantages.

Furthermore, the goal of DM is increasing the ability of individuals to achieve organizational goals. In addition, organizational goals are moral, ethical and social responsibility goals; legal obligations; and economic performance goals. Besides, social responsibility goals, such as promoting fairness and improving economic opportunities
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(2009) confirmed that there is a debate in previous studies on the variation between equal opportunities and managing diversity. Kandola and Fullerton (1998) defined managing diversity as the management of diverse individuals. The skill of management is required to benefit from various opinions in improving decisions' quality. DM is driven by the business needs, but equal employment opportunity is driven by legislation. Equal employment opportunity focuses on disability, race, and gender, but DM focuses on all differences among people. Managing diversity starts internally, but equal opportunity starts externally through…show more content…
Additionally, DM in the workplace can achieve the success in the future (Flagg, 2002). The importance of diversity and its management programs have become a primary concern for researchers (Kellough & Naff, 2004). According to U.S. Government Accountability Office (2005), DM can be defined as an important process to create and maintain a positive work environment by taking into consideration similarities and differences between individuals to achieve organization's strategic goals and
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