The Pros And Cons Of Drug Addictions

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When addressing drug addiction, it is important that people choose their words wisely, as many can easily be offended. Is drug addiction a choice or something a person cannot choose? In Seattle, safe-injection sites are legal. A safe-injection is a place where people who are addicted to drugs can safely inject those drugs under the watch of nurses, who are there in case of an overdose, so they can provide the drug Naloxone which is used against opiates. According to Alice Park and Paul Moakley (2017), “From 2002 to 2015, deaths from heroin overdose increased more than sixfold, and in 2016, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) reported more than 30,000 seizures of fentanyl, a dramatic spike from the 5,000 documented in 2014”. By having a place where nurses are available in case of an overdose could help bring the number of deaths down caused by an overdose. Safe-injection sites could help in a way to lessen the spread of diseases through shared needles, but it does not help the fact the people are still doing those drugs. By giving addicts a safe place to do drugs, like Heroin for example, it is making them think that doing drugs is an okay thing to do, when in reality it is illegal to be distributed and harms the body and brain. However, by giving addicts a safe place to inject could possibly make them realize that they need to get help. Instead of pushing addicts to quit and get help, if they see that they have an actual problem, then the help that they would get could
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