The Pros And Cons Of Drug Testing In Schools

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It seems as if within the past few years, the drug epidemic in America has become one of the biggest problems in today’s society. Now, it seems as if people are forgetting about the usual drug used by teenagers and adults which is marijuana. I believe that if schools start mandatory drug testing, this epidemic will go down, and drastically. According to the Indiana Prevention Resource Center, school based drug testing has been occurring for about three decades. It is proclaimed that it in fact is constitutional to drug test students in all grades.( Indiana University 1). I agree with this statement because we are given the chance to learn and be educated for 18 years and more, and it is only fair to be expected to show up sober. I think that there could be many benefits for drug testing in schools. These are that parents would know that their children are giving their full attention to their schooling, without anything holding them back. Some may say that there is no need to drug test students. This statement usually comes from people who have a hard time accepting the fact that minors do in fact get involved in drugs. The drug epidemic affects people and children of all ages because it is highly accessible. It seems as if more and more children are becoming aware of drugs and what they are, and how to use them. I think it is reasonable to drug test starting in middle school. This is the age that kids are being introduced to drugs. They start to notice the effects and they think it will make them cool. This is also the age where they are experiencing peer pressure. Peer pressure is when your friends or peers make you think that you should do something to be cool, or else you'll be made fun of. It would be safe to say that many kids start doing drugs because of peer pressure. In elementary school, the D.A.R.E program is presented to us, this program is used to teach us about drugs and their effects on teenagers, adults, and families. The D.A.R.E program is offered to over 30 million children ( Freiheit 1). It is smart to have a program like this teaching young generations how harmful drugs could be. Now, children are becoming educated in ways that are unsafe for them. They are learning how, and where

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