The Pros And Cons Of Eating

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Still damp, red-tipped strands of hair clung relentlessly to the nape of a surprisingly stiff neck, and while bouts of conversation seemed to spring up from every direction not a word escaped passed his lips. Completing practice at a level that Rithisak deemed acceptable on a nearly empty stomach had been absolute hell—he'd suffered even further with the wafting scent of his coach's late lunch lurking about—yet he’d continued without complaint and on sheer stubbornness alone. Engaging with his peers was a secondary goal, since sharpening his skills was the primary one, which left him reluctant to spend energy that he currently lacked crafting small talk that would offer little to no benefit, and so he remained on the fringes only due to…show more content…
Becoming entrapped within an endless downward spiral in regards to his capabilities, age, and ultimately, if he still had any talent for skating wasn’t an uncommon practice, though the restaurant that had been decided upon leering ominously overhead, thankfully, derailed it. A critical eye hurriedly scanned the building’s exterior for any signs that it may be an undesirable establishment, but the protests of a displeased stomach had him considering it acceptable with far less of a fight than usual. Seating, service, and the delivery of a meal that remained completely foreign to him were surprisingly speedy, yet he still ate with caution instead of digging in with the gusto his body demanded. Gloves were firmly snapped into place—manners remaining impeccable even if there was no need for such formalities—and utensils neatly arranged when he heard mentions about the meal. Turning his gaze upwards Rith felt a sharp smile spring into existence upon his lips, yet the edges were significantly softer than his usual expression as he rested his eyes on the form of Tommy. Listening to numerous conversations on the way here had given him a better understanding of who held what name, and he’d half-heartedly begun committing them to memory for the time being. “It’s been quite some time since I’ve encountered food I’m wholly unfamiliar with, though I suppose it makes a passable first attempt to please.”

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