The Pros And Cons Of Elementary Education

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As a college student that could be entering into the work force in the next four years, it is important to learn what different vocations have to offer for you. It is important to understand the pros and cons of the vocations you’re really interested in. There are three vocations that really interest me for my long-term degree. Those three vocations are public school elementary school teaching, Children’s Ministry, and Massage Therapy.
Let’s first look at Public School Elementary Education. When studying Elementary Education, it’s important to understand whether it is a vocation that best fits you. There are several key things to look at. First, what does being an elementary school teacher look like on a day to day basis. Then, what are some of the best parts of Elementary Education. Next, what are the downsides public school teaching. Followed by, what are the requirements to get into the profession. And Finally, what are some of the top professionals in that field.
When researching the vocation of Elementary Education, I interviewed Heather Harrington. An Elementary School teacher who has taught in the public schools for 22 years. Upon entering college at Eastern Washington University, she was working towards a degree in physical therapy but found after a year that it was not the path that had been set out for her, so she switched to Elementary Education due to a recommendation by a friend and because Eastern Washington University had such a strong program.
First let’s
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