The Pros And Cons Of Equality And Equality

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Equality has come a long way from where it was before, but the rights of the LGBTQ community are still thrown to the side and not cared for enough. Some people believe the state of Indiana is just making matters worse with the discriminating and victimizing law that goes by the Religious Freedom Restoration Act as stated in the article “City Rallies Around Its Gay Citizens After a Law Sets Off a Flood of Support.” It is allowing those with religious beliefs to discriminate against gays and lesbians because the law ensures the interests of religious freedoms are protected. Although the law caused backlash it also created an opportunity of unity within the State of Indiana and support from others as well as said President of Indy Pride inc. Chris Morehead “But on the back side of it, we saw support from places we never imagined.'' People gathered from all around the state to help show their support to those who were struggling with the new law. The law created mishaps but it showed the world that you can have unification and equality throughout different people with dissimilar beliefs from one another. Furthermore, the accusations of the law being discerning led to House Speaker Brian Bosma to apologize to those who were hurt by stating “We are sorry that misinterpretation hurt so many people” as said in article “Indiana legislators back religion-law amendment” written by Danielle Paquette. Additionally, he spoke about how Indiana is not a place of discrimination and the law
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