The Pros And Cons Of Ethos Research Paper

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Laying on the bed very still, my mother and I were slowly becoming aware of his fate. Pros: He had already experienced an amazing life that contained priceless memories. His old age was also taking a toll on him, as crawling out of bed each morning was exhausting. Cons: I had known him for as long as I can could remember. Every road trip, every bike ride, he had been right by my side. Just letting him go was hard. I could feel the saltiness of my tears stinging my cheeks as they cascaded down my face, but a decision was imminent. I told him he was a good boy one last time, and while the vet injected the poison, I watched my closest family members tail slowly wag for the last time. People often define family as the ones related to them through genes or their bloodline. While growing up, typically 90% of kids will at some point own a pet (Strickland), nearly all those pets, whether it be salamanders, or cockatoos, are considered part of the family, without even being the same species. Due to the fact that this is so often the case, why would it be any…show more content…
Any of the numerous team sports are a perfect example for this, especially at an amatuer level. Becoming a family member starts off with the introductions, practices leading up to the first game that will set a tone for the entire season. As the season kept churning along, all these former strangers thought of just one acceptable result: winning the championship together. Every former stranger begins giving it their all, not for themselves but for the good of the team. At this point, they have become family. The immense amounts of trust and respect for one another, as well as the selflessness becoming increasingly prevalent between these people is second to none. Sadly, they have become a more accurate representation of family than a daughter-- who was too “busy” to call on christmas-- is to her
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