The Pros And Cons Of Evil

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What makes people like Jeffrey Dahmer or Jim Jones evil, yet makes being a butcher a typical profession? It can’t be because the meat from a butcher’s kill gets eaten, because so did the meat from Dahmer’s kills. It can’t be because they directly did the killing, because Jim Jones never directly killed anyone; he just led his followers to commit mass suicide. I believe that evil is not only technically nonexistent and subjective, but it is also completely unnecessary. To clarify my opinion, I want to delve into what evil actually is, why it’s subjective, and why things are considered evil.
Evil to me is not actually its own independent thing. I believe evil is simply the absence of good. I believe it’s a lot like darkness or the cold. Neither
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Evil is what society deems it to be. What is evil to you may not be evil to societies in other countries. For example, in America killing a cow is simply considered making hamburgers. However, in India, cows are sacred creatures and killing one is considered extremely evil. Even in your own household you can notice the strange exceptions to social standards. For example, why is it a great moment when you kill a fly, but you would get arrested if you killed a dog or cat? Is it because flies are annoying? Personally, I find dogs quite annoying, does that mean I could disembowel one? Is it because they are small? Does that mean that if people where small enough, it’d be okay for me to dismember them? Is it because flies are ugly? Does that mean if I find a person ugly enough, I could immolate them? Is it because they have a short lifespan? Does that mean I can decapitate someone with terminal cancer? The only possible reason why killing flies is okay, is because they are flies. That is completely and utterly idiotic. Who are we to decide what should be okay to murder? We are not God, we are but sad pitiful creatures whose morals and beliefs change hundreds of times in a mere meaningless fraction of this universes life span. Society dictates what is considered good or evil, therefore, evil is completely
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