The Pros And Cons Of Expectable Housing In Highland Park

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Moreover, affordable housing in Highland Park seems to be decreasing for longtime residents because of prices of rent and mortgages beginning to increase with each year. As on the graph from, it shows the median sale price from September 1, 2017 as being $646, 448 and the median listing price is $728, 944. Based on this evidence from, housing prices is going to continue to increase. Although, Zillow predicts by October 31, 2018 the median listing price of houses are going to stay the same price as it is now. Furthermore, the price of houses in Highland Park will continue to increase, which may be due to current economy or the rate of inflation.
In Highland Park, alterations are being executed to its neighborhood’s
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Equally important, the affluent residents of Highland Park, who believe gentrification brings better housing and restoration of old buildings. Also, the affluent residents believe gentrification provides the neighborhood to become more safer and increases public safety. While, there are more safety regulations being implemented due to the increase of new people in the neighborhood. Although, there is more cultural/racial tension between many Hispanics and Caucasians because of each side believing in their own versions of misconceptions that they own the neighborhood and no one but that race should continue living in Highland Park. For example, a seemingly appearing Caucasian said, “Get out of our neighborhood, you wetback” (Anonymous). Grounded on this comment about a particular Hispanic, who wanted to remain anonymous felt as the reference was intended for all, who were not Caucasian. The neighborhood’s safety has increased since the 1980s were there used to be bars on many of the windows and doors of homes or businesses. In the past, Highland Park was recognized as being one of the most dangerous neighborhood’s due it being in the middle of gang territory for the Avenues. According to Baba, the owner of Vintage Tattoo on York Blvd in Highland Park, who was interviewed by Max Sullivan for “Gentrification in Highland Park”, a YouTube video. Baba, states describe Highland Park’s past, “In the 1940s and 1950s, this

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