The Pros And Cons Of Firearm Violence

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Do you realize the number of firearm deaths are steadily increasing each year? In 2000, there was 28,663 deaths, in 2010 there was 31,692 deaths, in 2014 there was 33,599 deaths (Alpers, 2016). Today, the chance of you being killed by a firearm is equivalent to the chance of you dying in a car accident. The dialogue on firearm importance becomes a more discussed topic everyday. We must be aware of the supporting and opposing arguments, for the better safety of our society currently. We must also be aware of the physiological needs after a gun related incident. The American Psychological Association mentions coping with the aftermath; discussing the event, turning away from news and gathering your emotions with a break, or even helping others do something good (A. 2017). Firearm violence prevention is crucial; not only to save lives, but also to prevent hurting individuals psychologically. New York Times, and The Atlantic have different perspectives on firearms, but all the same intent, to end the violence between Americans. In October of 2017, the New York Times released an article, “Why Do We Ignore Initiatives That Reduce Gun Violence?”, concerning the realities of gun violence. They stated how proven-to-work strategies to prevent gun related killings, do exist. Also, how people assume the entire populations are criminals and untrustworthy; while the actual number of crimes are committed by a small amount of residents of any given city. Their strategy for gun violence

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