The Pros And Cons Of Freedom In America

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America has been shaped in many different ways and continues be shaped daily. America is constantly changing and facing new challenges. However, authors of By the People have four ideas liberty, self-rule, limited government, and equality that they believe are the leading factors in how America is shaped. These ideas help elaborate on what makes America a strong and withstanding country. These ideas are the base of America’s politics and what makes us a unique country. These four ideas are constantly being debated between politicians on what the different meanings are. Firstly, liberty can be defined as the equal freedom from oppression and restriction in a society. Freedom is what the United States was designed to give most people however it is still being worked on in present day. Freedom is wanted for all American and is the essential focus in this country. There are two different types of liberty negative and positive liberty. Both negative and positive liberties can be debated on what is best for American society. According to Morone and Kersh, negative liberty can be defined as the freedom from the absence of restraint, (12). Negative liberty position is for the freedom from restriction of government on what the individual can or should do in society. The only restriction to a person should be if a person wants to harm another individual. Conservatives and libertarians are usually in favor of negative liberty. Positive liberty belief is that there should be freedom
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