The Pros And Cons Of GMO Regulation

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The problem with the GMO current system is the bio tech regulations are clearly out-of- date. Firstly, agencies with the authority over genetically engineered crops are the EPA, USDA, and FDA, which governs the bio tech crops. The GMO companies that are widely producing bio tech foods have refused testing for natural proteins that induce a reaction in a person with allergies. The US regulations of GMO crops focus on the quantity of the harvest. Despite the possibility of dangers, the FDA, USDA, and EPA should focus on the genetic process on the quality of the crop (Chen & Gao, 2014). Secondly, the impact on the environment has originated from pesticide with are inserted into genetically altered seeds to control certain pests. Although, pesticides that have transferred into the natural environment that is causing havoc on…show more content…
Therefore, the government operations are accountable for making the call on the risk GMO crops. To establish the credibility of transforming crops is safe to consume. The FDA, EPA, and USDA are not checking for individual proteins inserted into the plant may cause a bad cause an allergenic reaction (Holbein, & Blom, 2014). Therefore, total destruction of the natural surroundings of unattended species from the toxic roundup injected into a genetic plant are contaminating the neighboring wildlife. The environmental scientists are concerned about the release also been impacting the wild. Biotechnology crops that tested for harmful ingredients and the research ton the long-term effects on the environment. The genetically engineering plants are being transformed to be a pesticide. However, they are contaminating the nearby farms with non-GMO crops. (Pundit,
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