The Pros And Cons Of GPS Tracking

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GPS Tracking Stands on One Level with Data Privacy and Security: Fact or Myth
The term Global Positioning System conjures up images of GPS devices being used in space-age technology and vehicle navigation systems. GPS tracking devices have also become a part of our daily lives today. However, many people are sceptical about the use of these handy devices. Many people claim that they will face data privacy and security issues on using it. But, how much of this statement is true? Do others have access to your information unless and until you share them? It is true that the person having access to the GPS tracker will know the exact location of the concerned individual.
With the advancement of technology and GPS manufacturers striving to strengthen security aspects, the chances of data being leaked have become negligible. Many families and business owners have started to trust the system and are applying it in different ways. In fact, these applications have made its way into animal tracking, farming and even gaming technology. Animal tracking helps in monitoring endangered species and their behaviour in such way, so they and their habitat can be better protected. GPS system is being used in games to make them more attractive
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It is another instance of taking the advantage of the location-sharing feature of Global Positioning System. Small GPS tracking devices can be easily carried to the field when a soldier is on duty. They help in navigating through difficult terrains and have a better understanding of their position. Moreover, reinforcements can be immediately sent from the base whenever there is urgency. Even as these GPS tracking devices claim to be secure, there have been instances of data being leaked out to the opposing forces. As these tracking devices can help locate a fellow soldier they can also give access to crucial information if the enemy had breached into the
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