The Pros And Cons Of Gangs

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Imagine if there were no more gangs roaming the streets. There would be less violence and less reasons for mothers to be worried. This may sound impossible, but this can be reality if we take the proper steps in fixing the problem. We have to focus on the starting point of gangs, we have to find out why people join gangs in the first place. We need to focus on the young people and providing them more opportunities to better themselves instead of lowering themselves. If we pay attention to the youth, that will bring us one big step closer to our goal of ending all gangs, but it's not that easy.
The first step we should take is bettering the children that are already incarcerated because of gangs. 90% of juvenile boys in a correctional facility are gang affiliated. Why is this number so high? Something that could be done is starting a program in the jail. The program could help motivate them and keep them focus. It also would also be a step closer in steering them away from being in the gangs they are in. Or restrain them from trying to join them. Why are so many young boys interested in joining gangs anyway? The main reason why so many young people are affiliated with gangs are because there are not enough interesting extracurricular activities or programs to keep these young people off the streets.
Another reason why the percentage is so high is because gangs are everywhere. It’s hard to not join something you are always around. 86% of US cities have reported gang activity
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