The Pros And Cons Of Giant Printing

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There are many things that set Giant Printing apart from the ‘rest of the pack’. You can read about it on every product page. From Backdrops, to Banners or table covers to table top displays, the common thread in all your trade show products is knowing they’re derived from American made Fabric. Now we know you most likely won’t break out into a chorus of our National Anthem or sing Springsteen’s ‘Born in the USA’, but this fact has a far greater effect than any heart pounding, chest beating pride you might feel at this moment knowing you’ll be buying a product with American made fabric. How You Can Have a Positive Impact on the Economy this Year! According to the “Made in the USA” website, each manufacturing job creates an additional 5-8 jobs! This ‘pay-it-forward’ gesture has a ripple effect. If Americans spent an extra $3.33 on US made products, it would create almost 10,000 jobs! Do you know someone who has been looking for work? Can you ‘hear that’? That’s opportunity knocking.…show more content…
Giant Printing is not only committed to delivering hi-quality fabric trade show solutions to help create the name brand awareness and lead generation you desire, but we’d like to ‘lock arms’ with you knowing that together we are making a profound impact far greater than
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