The Pros And Cons Of Global Conflicts

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Global conflicts now are one of the most complicated problems in the world. The reason for this is that global conflicts are directly connected with the global problems of modernity. The following issue had come into focus back in the last century. Today, there is a struggle with global conflicts at the obsolete level, including the action of international organizations, research scientist, psychologists, military, politics, and other specialists from various fields. Regretfully, I must admit, that this problem is still urgent because of lack of government’ and citizens’ consciousness about actual extent of danger, or as possible because of unwillingness to realize it. This, undoubtedly, destructively affects both themselves and planet as a whole, furthermore “the modern world is altering by a giant and…show more content…
As for today, humanity is faced with a possibility of global conflicts' initiation, which may grow, for instance, into a serious ecological catastrophe or a nuclear world war. From the strategy research perspective, specific features of global conflicts analysis as well as security government threats, consist of solving practical aims, connected with providing national interests of the government. There are global, military-political, economic, social and other conflicts. The biggest among them are world wars. Global challenges form world issues of the basic type, and represent a reason to the new factors in world upgrowth, preventing stable reconstitution of economic, and intercivilizational relationships in the limits of existing world order. Global military-political, economic and other threats are determed with a mention of unequivocal resource. Global menace applies uncontrollable migration, religious extremism, ethnic feud, illegal weapon trade. All of these factors represent real danger to the government and its

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