The Pros And Cons Of Global Vs. Local Branding

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Question: Discuss the pros and cons of Global vs. Local Branding/Marketing. Give one example of where local branding/marketing makes more sense and one example where Global Branding/Marketing can makes more sense (feel free to do your own research on the topic).

Large multi-national companies find themselves in the position of having to balance the trade-offs between an aligned global marketing initiative and tailor-made local advertising efforts. Managing a consistent brand image across different regions, forms of media and product lines requires a high degree of coordination and integration amongst all interested parties (marketing, development, etc.). Some of the pros and cons have been highlighted below: Global Branding/Marketing
A singular message across geographies leads to more consistent branding across cultures
Globally-focused initiatives can be more easily managed by an internal marketing teams
Allows companies to capture existing global efficiencies (e.g. in manufacturing or production) and be more cost effective
A strong global image is a symbol of quality, and allows the company to charge premium prices
More effective in building loyalty and brand equity across large populations

Requires high degree of coordination and integration across entire company
Investment in scaling your marketing operations can be high
Global message needs to be one-size fits all across cultures and languages
Lack of local knowledge, or other informational asymmetries,…

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