The Pros And Cons Of Globalization

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Cam Marino & Globalization

If you were to travel anywhere in the world and ask their people what “McDonalds” is, the likelihood of that person knowing the renowned food chain is skyrocketing by year. This is because of Americanization, which is basically the spreading of American cultures and traditions. Americanization is one of the biggest parts of globalization to date. Globalization is the idea of countries getting more and more involved with each other; becoming more and more interconnected. Essentially, increased globalization has a severe impact on several different aspects of general life, but overall, the effects are far more positive.
With globalization, countries work together in benefit of their people, and to also get things more efficiently done. The keyword is together. Globalization presents an opportunity to accomplish goals and transfer items in tandem with one another. For example, in Planet Money Makes a T-Shirt, there are 7 different areas of the world involved in the making of a normal T-shirt and the industrial efforts that surround them. The idea that an ordinary T-shirt is processed in such an efficient way shows how working together is more beneficial in the long run, and how a task completed as your own country is less convenient and productive. Let’s put this into perspective: Your baseball team at midway through the season comes in at 23-70. Your record is so bad because there is only one talented player out of all 11 on the team. You
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