The Pros And Cons Of Globalization

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Based on my understanding thus far, the biggest debates regarding globalization I see is: does globalization work, globalization causes for inequality and exploitation among developing nations while wealthier nations prosper, what are the skepticisms of globalization, and how can globalization be a positive and successful aspect to the world. All of these debates arise because many key players understand that globalization has many positive and negative aspects about it; therefore, there is a large debate in if it truly works as an option for societies to truly use it. According to sociologist Cees Hamelink, there are many skeptics who debate if globalization truly works; however, “skeptics of globalization offer insights on how what seems to be “growth” and “mobility” to supporters is actually limited by various factors. Skeptics argue that globalization may seem great on the surface with its movements of growth and prosperity for everyone; however, as they support their claims, globalization to them is only about the benefits of the wealthy and less of the middleman. They see the global market as a means of investments for larger companies who benefit in specific regions rather than a “so called global economy” with various nations’ having companies benefiting from trade. Therefore, they find the global economy and financial markets to be, in essence “fake,” meaning, these skeptics only see limitations for many smaller countries and only a few powerful countries prosper. Skeptics also make the argument against supporters that globalization points out the disparity amongst people rather than growth in expanding networks and communication. They point this out because not every person has a smartphone, a computer, a tablet, or other network device, which limits their vote in being active in global communication. It also means not everyone has access to becoming a part of the global market nor does it mean they can all share the same “good life” that supporters talk about. Therefore, global integration to skeptics is not equally spread worldwide, so, there is a difference in the visibility and availability amongst consumers in a global market. Overall, skeptics argue that globalization is too limited by

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