The Pros And Cons Of Globalization

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Globalization has brought so much change in the way we live our lives, how countries conduct their business, communication, travel and many others aspects of life. Despite all these benefits there have been some disadvantages that have come along due to globalization such as the spread of infectious diseases and viruses, which can become a threat to public health. I think it would be not reasonable or perhaps ineffective to try and stop the spread of global diseases because the benefits we enjoy due to globalization outweighs the negatives. Globalization has increased people’s movements from both developed and undeveloped economies, which has opened new windows of opportunities and filling up the gaps between available employment and opportunities of their existing work force. Trade specializations have been developed due to international trade allowing countries rapidly increase their overall well-being. Food is transported all over the global despite the season thus international trade allows people from the southern hemisphere or northern hemisphere to eat fresh fruits, vegetables and desert food through the year. The few examples I have given above have allowed me to support the reasoning behind global movement of people, food and manufactured goods. The international committee should regulate and place great emphasis on people getting vaccinations and medical protection because people carrying domestic infections might spread the disease to foreign countries where they
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