The Pros And Cons Of Government Surveillance

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The arguments that follow the pros and cons of government surveillance seem to be never ending. However, it is no question on which society can have better control over; humanity or machines. From red light runner cameras to humor error versus machine error it all comes down to the government and Americans having more ability to make sure machines are doing a job properly and without bias than another person. To begin discussing the moralities behind government surveillance, no topic is more suited than that of run light runner and speeding cameras set up on American roadways. A leftist point of view might believe that these cameras are a way for the government to spy on its citizens or gain information about them that is otherwise illegal to gather under the fourth amendment right.…show more content…
Camera feeds already in place are all in public places so anything recorded on it would not be in violation of any amendment of the constitution of the United States. Checks and balances are in place in order to protect the rights of Americans so that no evidence may be used against them for prosecution unless properly, and legally, obtained. Technology, as such, is without a doubt non-biased where its counterpart that it has replaces would be even if unintentionally simply due to human nature and human error. Finally, any possible abuse that may come forth from surveillance would be directly detrimental to the government itself in exposing fraudulent behavior. Our nation has already experienced this and would know how to prevent it from happening again in the future. Yes, technology is changing and yes, it is scary. The future ahead is meant to be progressive and the way it is headed is on the up and up. In any cases where our technology may fault, it will always be able to fall back unto humanity to double check it and fix any glitches or problems that
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