The Pros And Cons Of Grizzly Bears

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The trophy hunting of at-risk grizzly bears is a controversial topic in Canada. It is part of the Canadian cultural inheritance. Hunting grizzly bears are considered to be a legitimate recreational activity in some parts of Canada. They inhabit in the forest and near the costal line. The numbers of bear reached tens of thousands before, but because they are fierce and threatening human beings, they are being hunted and killed. Also, the low mortality rate of grizzly means low population, but they play a critical role as a predator in the ecosystem. The problem is over-hunting and industrialization will cause extinction of this rare species, and lead to disharmony between the government and First Nations. I mainly support the ban of grizzly…show more content…
However, over 98 percent of grizzly bears have been eliminated to the number around 800 to 1,000 in the Lower 48 states. 01/06/2016 The Brewing Battle Over Grizzly Delisting and Trophy Hunting in the Yellowstone Ecosystem, Inc. ( As such, it was hard to argue that grizzlies are thriving. Since European colonization, they have lost half of their continental habitat, and even in BC around a third of populations have either die out or are currently endangered. (Anna Taylor) Overkill - trophy hunting slams BC's Grizzly bears 7th February 2014 Ecologist /Resurgence Trust ( Another point is that they have startling low reproductive rate among the terrestrial mammals. It takes ten years for a female grizzly to replace herself in the population, and she will stop breeding in her mid-to late 20s. Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Grizzly (sponsor)/Biology & Behavior (title) ( A female can give birth to a maximum of 10 cubs over her lifetime, and half of the cubs will die within a year.(Ibid) What is more, grizzly bears play an important role in forest ecosystem as seed dispersers and nutrient providers. Generally they benefit the surroundings by transporting berry seed to enable them to geminate, or pile up their fresh manure as fertilizer. While they searching for tree roots or ground squirrels, they increased the amount of nitrogen through soil disturbance. (Ibid) As a predator, grizzlies can control prey population. They hunt vegetarian so that regional density of plants would not decline in large quantities. Grizzly bears can be said as a keystone species in their

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