The Pros And Cons Of Gun Control

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There has been a big controversy between people and politics on whether guns should be banned or not. People feel have the right to buy guns, however others do not feel safe having them around. Some states have the open carry gun law. There are positive and negative effects to selling and buying of guns. Gun control is a sticky subject to talk about because of people's beliefs, opinions, and the way they were raised. They congress should enforce gun control and the buying and selling of guns. They should be stricter about the laws that states who can buy a gun and what they have to pass to obtain it. Some Americans feel that guns should not be banned. It is the second amendment of the constitution. That says Everyone has the right to bare arms. They feel it is the American way of life. “Since gun ownership so strongly symbolizes what it means to be American, you have to stay away from it.” (Keijzer) One reason guns should not be banned is because it is considered a necessity for protection and self defense. There is a law in Mississippi that says you have the right to protect yourself if someone breaks in your house. For example, a single young woman living by herself has the right to protect herself if anyone harms her in anyway. Secondly,people consider using it for a sport. For example, people like to go hunting, which they need the use of guns. Without guns people would not be able to hunt and enjoy the activities of finding and killing animals, for money or just for
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