The Pros And Cons Of Gun Control

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Gun control legally measures to license, control, or restrict the ownership of firearms by members of the public. In Virginia it is legal for anyone at the age of 18 to carry a handgun without a permit withstanding other applicable laws. Many people believe that you should not be able to have a firearm and that gun control should have tighter laws to protect America and our community, but I believe that having gun control and having laws on guns put us all in danger and make it a harder to protect our loved ones as well as ourselves. After doing research on the gun laws of Virginia and understanding both sides of the argument I still stand my ground that gun control and gun laws are a waste of time. One source says, “President trump said on Tuesday that stricter gun laws would not have prevented the shooting in a Texas church that killed 26 people and they could have driven the death toll into the hundreds, since the gunman was shot by an armed by stander” (Landler). After reading through this whole article, I agree with President Trump. If the by stander that shot the gunman didn’t have his gun because of these gun laws, then there would have been more than 26 people killed. If these laws prohibit people being able to carry around guns, it is just going to put more and more people in danger. Most people feel saving carrying a gun because of all the terrible things happening in today’s society (i.e. kidnapping, rapes, and theft). Another source wrote, “I started fighting for students’ rights to carry concealed weapons for selfish reasons: I wanted to be able to protect myself. But I quickly found a network of women who felt the same way I did, and we began to advocate for our safety together” (Okafor). After having to leave her classes at 10 o’clock at night and having to walk to her car scared that someone was going to attack her, she finally took matters into her own hands. She started taking a gun with her to class to protect herself. She was not carrying the gun around to hurt someone or to go rob a bank. She was carrying the gun to protect herself because in today’s society young African American women are afraid to go outside because they never know if they will make it home tonight. In today’s society

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